Precious Pets Adoption League is a small 501(c)(3) non-profit organization started back in 2003. We are committed to finding suitable homes for companion animals. We rescue and place animals of all ages. We are unpaid volunteers. Love for animals and your tax-deductible donations keep us going. Precious Pets Adoption League is a network of foster homes. To care for all the animals under our angel wings we rely solely on public donations and adoption fees. We are a NO-KILL rescue striving to keep animals until adopted - sometime for years! 

We rescue and help animals in need in Michigan and all across the United States, and we also have a partnership with Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico the stray dogs are referred to as a “sato.” The severe overpopulation in Puerto Rico is caused by dogs not being spayed or neutered. Every day in Puerto Rico there are 500 dogs euthanized; kill rates in shelters are over 95%. Although many of the dogs are strays, there is stray cat problem as well. What Precious Pets Adoption League does is help save them from being abused, starved, diseased, struck by cars, and even thrown away like trash. Our goal is to fly these animals to Michigan where we can find them a loving home until a spay-neuter campaigns and other measures significantly reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats on the island, and there are opportunities to adopt them into good homes there. 

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With Love From Puerto Rico,

Satos are what Puerto Ricans call mixed breed dogs - mutts. 

In the photo on the right, you see them transported from Puerto Rico to Detroit, Michigan. This photo is from before they are loaded on the airplane. Satos are intelligent, sweet, good dogs, but in Puerto Rico, they often live in horrible conditions and have little chance of finding a good home. Tremendous efforts are being made by various rescue organizations to create awareness of the situation and to save and rehabilitate as many of these poor souls as financially and physically possible. Without the help of shelters and rescue organizations in the USA the efforts of groups like Sato Dream Home, Paws of Hope Puerto Rico (English version) or Huellitas de Esperanza de Salinas (Spanish version) (photo on the right) would be very limited. Every year about 1000 Satos fly to their forever homes in the USA.

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Precious Pets Adoption League takes a moment to thank:

- PETCO and The PETCO Foundation

- Fosters, Volunteers, and Donors

- Doctor John F. Wilson, his Associates and Staff from Rescue Veterinary Services, Animal Clinic of Sterling Hts & Wilson Veterinary Hospital

- Dr. Cindy J Baunmhart at Rakestraw Animal Hospital

- Doctor Bonnie Burke and Staff at Little Friends of Ferndale

- Other Veterinarians

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